Welding stainless steel, aluminum

Welding stainless steel, aluminum

We have a modern welding, which is located in two separate halls. One hall is equipped with semi-automatic welding workstations, where one can perform the welding of carbon steel. In the second hall there are workstations for welding stainless steel, aluminum and acid resist steel. Such production-sharing makes it impossible to contact stainless steel with carbon steel.

Welding workstations are equipped with modern exhaust devices to minimize the negative impact of harmful factors on human beings.

For series production, with repeated lots of details in the orders, we offer welding with the Fanuc welding robot. The Fronius welding source with the robot provides high quality welds for various steel grades and dimensional repeatability.

The quality is treated in our company as a top priority.

The quality is treated in our company as a top priority. The cutting-edge technologies ensure the highest accuracy of performance and give an opportunity to meet customers’ expectations. We give certificates for our materials.

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